It is easy to feel down

Life has a way of throwing unexpected turns and no matter how much we want control we just need to let go. Simple things can become huge in our minds and we become self-absorbed and stuck

10 Tips for a Great Relationship

1. Be present: When you are with someone, be totally present with them. If you are racing ahead and thinking about other things, it will prevent you from really enjoying that experience with that person. So relax and enjoy being together

The Key To Helping Yourself

This book is really a culmination of many years of studying people, what make them happy and what makes them sad. Why do some people struggle through life whilst others despite facing some terrible hardships seem to continue with a spring in their step and a smile on their face? This book will help you find the balance to a happier and healthier life whilst unlocking your full potential.

Put Yourself First!

It is very important for your well being to put yourself first. We have been conditioned by society to believe that other things are more important and pressing than taking the time out to do things to support ourselves.