Happy Clients


“I found the coaching sessions to be very worthwhile–a great learning opportunity. I achieved a new career, a greater understanding and awareness of self and others and I learnt how to be assertive.”

“Sean, has helped me though one of the most challenging personal and professional transitions in my life.  I am deeply grateful.

"Sean was always a positive an upbeat coach. He will keep you accountable to your own goals and guide you by asking you questions and offering advice. Sean is very passionate about working with you and genuinely wants you to succeed."

“After going on so many interviews and not getting it `right` and noticing patterns, I knew I needed more help. Sean immediately responded to my questions and did not hesitate to work with me that very week. It`s important to know that your coach will follow through and deliver what they say. Through Sean’s many techniques and practice with me, I was able to finally nail both the interviews and put nervousness aside. I got a job after my next few interviews after working with his techniques. Using Sean’s services can help you improve in confidence”


“Sean`s service is invaluable and the best investment I made during my job search. After countless failed interviews, I took a step back and decided I needed help identifying what I was doing wrong and what to do better. Sean is an expert and gave me just what I needed to improve my interview skills! My interviews have gone so much better and after working with him and I received a job offer and number of weeks later.
I highly recommend his services”

“Sean was extremely helpful. Sean`s background and interviews skills are extraordinary. He gave me the confidence to interview at my highest level without being nervous. Sean was very flexible around my schedule and was available via email and phone to answer all my questions. 
It was definitely worth the investment”

“I went to Sean for help with a variety of issues. After only 4 sessions I can truly say that his coaching is one of the best things that I have ever done for myself. His creative tools, great listening and just genuine care really helped me achieved my goals and brought me out of a tough spot with a stronger outlook.”

“I don’t have any other Life Coaches to compare Sean with but after 40 plus years on this planet my bullshit detector works exceptionally well and Sean passes every possible test. He’s not only an extraordinary coach but an incredibly good human being”